Robotic Coffee Shop-Double cup model

This product "Robotic Coffee Shop" due to the breakthrough in AI technology, which foresees the business model that will completely changed, encourages the huge market demand for AI automatic sales. We integrates more than 30 years of expertise and technology to introduce new retail business models, and proposes the plan to enhance service quality with technology, save 66% of labor costs with the system, and reach 24 hours service of selling.

    This combination does not exist.



    • Simple Human Machine Interface

    • Making coffee more precisely by the robot instead of human hands and capable of imitating a coffee tender to do latte art.

    • Various payment methods are provided (coin, cash, or e-Pay systems such as WeChat, ALIPAY, TaiwanPay, LINE Pay , EasyCard , iCASH and iPASS)

    • Automatic Capping Function (Only for Single cup model)

    • Backstage management system calculates all the records of consumption everyday (item, quantity, amount and time) and exports them to Excel file.

    • Real-time information will be sent if there is any material shortage or malfunction: supporting Line, WeChat, text message or email, where the information regarding machine status can be sent to the vendors in real time or periodically.

    • With remote monitoring function, can know the current status of each machine through the network.

    • With API communication function, can be connected with POS system.

    • Surveillance system enables the vendors to check the machine operations simply via the smart phones in real time.

    Quality Certificates

    • Taiwan and China patent, National Brand Yushan Award, Taiwan Excellence Award

    • CE Certification, ISO9001:2015, IEC 60335-1,  IEC 60335-2-75