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The entire production process of coffee and beverages is automated, suitable for all consumers, and there is no place restriction for drinking coffee and beverages. The products can be used in airports, rest stops, transportation transfer stations, shopping centers, entertainment areas, business districts, gyms, and corporate reception centers, restaurant halls, schools, government agencies, etc.; product placement places are close to consumers, and can provide value-added additional services for public places.


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Enhance service quality and save 66% of manpower costs through technology, ushering in a new era of 24-hour sales.

Establish a precise cloud-based backend management system that integrates raw material sensing.

Equipped with API communication functionality, it can seamlessly integrate with the client's POS system, enabling customers to place orders through their own POS system.

Implement remote monitoring capabilities, where accessing a web page provides real-time insights into the current status of each machine, aiding businesses in resolving operational issues. rounded corner style.

Gather extensive big data to facilitate future analysis of consumption patterns in the region. rounded corner style.

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LEADER AUTOMATION CO., LTD. founded in April 1988, LEADER AUTOMATION undertakes continual research and development for technology innovation to provide customers with comprehensive customization services. Service and quality first, we have established and earned a professional image in the business over the past 30 years.

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