Customer Support

Remote Customer Service Innovation

LEADER has taken the lead in establishing a remote server system in terms of customer service. When the client encounters a problem, through the login of the account, we can know the status and information of the current client machine through the remote network connection.

Efficient Solutions Worldwide

At the same time, through remote desktop monitoring, the problems encountered by foreign customers can be solved remotely in real time, and customer service diversion can be implemented to avoid customers waiting. In Taiwan, it has been implemented within 24 hours, and the problem can also be solved directly at the client.

Rooted in Excellence: The 8D Problem Solving Method

In addition, the 8D problem solving method (Eight Disciplines Problem Solving) is deeply rooted in the team-oriented problem-solving mechanism, and corrects and eliminates problems to improve the quality requirements of products and processes. And formulate permanent countermeasures based on 8D Report statistical analysis, focusing on solving the root cause of the problem.