Beverage Robot-Standard model

Unmanned operation, improve work efficiency, increase output value and profit, and make beverages stably and quickly. Automatically perform beverage adding bubble, ice, sugar, syrups, tea filling, sealing film, labeling, etc., which can be completed quickly, save time, reduce defective rate, and stabilize the quality of beverages. The "Robotic Bubble Tea Shop" not only provides a complete background production process, but also integrates the smart ordering system at the front desk to further improve the ordering speed and quality.

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    Consumers use the intelligent ordering interface to order food. First, they click on the drink they want to buy, and then choose the amount of sugar, ice, and whether to add bubble to the drink. After confirming the quantity, they check out the order and choose the payment method (cash, Inductive card swiping, mobile payment or electronic ticket), after the payment is completed, receive the electronic invoice and the exclusive QRcode receipt, and then start making drinks. The interface of the order calling system will display the order number being produced. Wait for the drink to be made, and the interface of the order-calling system will display which pick-up gate the completed order number is placed on. Consumers scan the receipt with the exclusive QRcode. After the scan is successful, the corresponding pick-up gate will open and the meal can be picked up.

    Detailed product features are as follows:

    • A single order can make up to 9 cups of drinks at a time, and orders can be received continuously.
    • There can be more than 20 types of beverages, and each beverage can individually choose the amount of sugar (no sugar/light sugar/low sugar/full sugar), ice amount (deicing/slightly iced/ less ice) and whether to add pearls.
    • The background management system will automatically count the daily sales situation for big data collection, which is convenient for the industry to analyze regional consumption patterns.
    • Automatically perform beverage adding bubble, adding ice, adding sugar, adding syrup, tea filling, sealing film, labeling, etc., which can be quickly completed,Save time, reduce defect rate, stabilize beverage quality, not only provide a complete background production process, but also integrate smart ordering at the front desk system to further improve the ordering speed and quality.
    • Replacing personnel with robotic arms can accurately execute the production of various beverages, and can also simulate the bar hand to shake the beverage cup.
    • The payment methods can be diversified, such as coin-operated payment, banknote payment, mobile payment, electronic ticket, and inductive card swiping.
    • Immediate notification of material shortage or failure. The operator can be notified of the current machine status and reminder of the need for refilling through LINE APP. Integrating raw material sensing, when a certain material is out of stock, the system will immediately stop selling the corresponding product.
    • With API communication function, can be connected with POS system.
    • First, the ordering system selects the drink, confirms the drink, checks out and obtains the barcode.

    • At this time, the beverage material supply system will start to make beverages.
    • The consumer takes the barcode to the barcode scanner at the bar to scan it, and can receive the ordered drink after scanning successfully.

    Quality Certificates

    • Taiwan and China PPatent、 National Brand Yushan Award
    • CE Certification、 ISO9001:2015、 CSA Certification、 UL Certification